The heart of Thessaloniki, the Capital of Northern Greece, beats in Tsimiski Street and at the White Tower. A small part of it, however, beats at 11 Averoff Street, at the premises of the Association in the center of Athens.

The Association, a non-profit organization, was established in 1957 by some members of the Thessaloniki society who had moved to Athens but wanted to keep in touch between them and with their origins. In later years the scope of the Association was enlarged to include the support with whatever means possible of Thessaloniki as a City, Macedonia and Northern Greece in general, with emphasis in education, the arts, the National Problems, history and the social status of life.

The library of the Association, addressed mainly to students, but also to researchers, covers the historic and laographic issues of the region.

The Association has not stood idle and has indeed shown particular concern and support for the burning issues of our times , the ones that destroy human life and dignity, such as drugs, aids and alcoholism.  The Association gives its own battle by cosponsoring educational programs and supporting financially other non-profit organizations, who are doing a great job in the fight of rehabilitation and re-entry in society of AIDS or drugs (or any other kind) victims.

Other activities of the Association include excursions to historic sites, lectures, shows, seminars and publication of books.

Aside from Athens, our fellow citizens have spread in the four directions of the horizon. Children or friends of Thessaloniki will find the Association a key to the communication  and a source of information of what is happening in their city of origin. And naturally, when they visit Athens, they will find a corner of Thessaloniki in our premises, where they will see long forgotten friends, hear some music and have some of our good Macedonian wine.

The youth from Thessaloniki that have moved to Athens, particularly those who came for University studies, will find here a particularly warm welcome, some advice or help if they need it, and generally an atmosphere of their home town. 

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